Products / Bulk Tape Handling

This system capitalises on our wide experience in the
80’s and 90’s when multicassette systems were the backbone
of broadcast playout operations. Sony’s Flexicart and XdCart are supported and we still maintain support for larger legacy systems like Sony’s LMS range, as well as the Panasonic and Odetics offerings.

The Bulk Tape Handling system runs on a 2U version of the Transmission Automation system and it also uses the same bespoke real-time operating system QNX. There are 2 varieties of this product:

Bulk Ingest for ingesting tape based media from tapes stored in the multicassette system via multiple server input ports
Bulk Archive for transferring media played out through multiple server output ports to tapes held in the multicassette system

The Bulk Ingest system is usually tightly integrated with our Transmission Automation System, where it has the task of automatically ingesting any media that is missing in the daily transmission schedules that can be located within the multicassette system.