Products / Media Transfer


The architecture of the Avocet Transmission Automation system lays down a solid foundation of core modules, the versatility and robustness of which allows the construction of many variations based on a common theme. This highly successful design philosophy has been extended to provide a new infrastructure, via which we can now extend our capabilities into other areas of Broadcast Automation, notably media transfer.


The infrastructure supports remote monitoring, comprehensive logging and the scheduling of activity via sets of independent transfer engines, each of which can have different sources and destinations, for example, server input and output ports, Archive systems, drop folders etc.

Avocet’s media transfer capabilities are normally very closely coupled to the onair activity of the Transmission Automation Systems, e.g. archive restore operations to satisfy the upcoming demands of onair schedules.

Specific examples:

• The transfer of media from XenData archive systems to Omneon servers, as dictated by prioritised media requirement lists from multiple channels under the control of Avocet Automation Systems.

• The receipt of commercials and other shortform media from providers such as IMD, the packaging and onward transfer of these items to Omneon servers.