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Media Transfer

Avocet places great emphasis on this very important aspect of present day broadcasting. The Avocet Transmission Automation System supports all of the commonly used products for dynamic text building and channel branding operations. Foreign language support is included.

In broad terms, data is extracted from fields within events of the onair schedule, or from external systems, and then used to automatically construct text building and layer control commands for graphics devices, in order to dynamically build the graphical elements of a station’s output.

Avocet’s event preview facility has been extended to permit the off-air control of channel branding equipment for rehearsal and preview operations.

Typical operations:

• Automatically built programme menus
• Coming next straps
• Coming up previews over onair material
• Pop video labelling
• News and chat straps
• Karaoke
• Onair customisation of generic promos and trails