Products / Transmission Automation / Versatility

Avocet offers a wide range of scalable solutions, ranging from ‘off-the-shelf’ low cost solutions for the simplest single channel operation, through to high-end multi-channel systems for the most complex of broadcast operations.

There is extensive support for all currently popular makes of broadcast hardware as well as support for legacy equipment that has seen active service during the last 25 years.

The versatility of the Avocet Transmission Automation system allows the same core product to function in a variety of different configurations, for example:

• Traditional single channel and multichannel automation systems
• Master system controlling regional optout slaves
• Regional optout slaves following a master system
• Commercial playout systems serving multiple channels
• Segment playout, alongside a predominantly manual operation

The Avocet Transmission Automation System is particularly well suited to live broadcasting environments such as news and sports events. A powerful, easy to use schedule editor permits last minute changes to be made to the onair schedule. The system responds rapidly to these changes, for example it is possible to change the media for an upcoming event within seconds of its onair time.