Special Projects

Unlike most other suppliers of Broadcast Automation Systems,
we always welcome the opportunity to become involved with special
projects. A broadcaster’s search for something distinctive and different
can often only be met by a bespoke solution. The members of the Avocet
team are highly motivated by such projects and welcome the technical
challenges that they present.
Over many years we have gathered much experience in this field, not only in how to
solve the various special requirements but also in how to best engineer our core product
offerings so that they can be easily customised.
Most of the special projects that we have undertaken fall into the following categories:-
Complex or unusual channel branding operations
Interfacing to specialist or non-standard broadcast equipment
Interaction with other specialist computer systems, for example a Tour Operator’s
sales system pushing latest holiday offers and special deals for immediate airing.
Specialist features that are not normally offered by standard automation systems, e.g.
last minute selection and airing of different commercial breaks during live Cricket