Support Services

Avocet sets the business priority on providing a first class after
sales service. This philosophy has given us a growing community
of highly satisfied customers who are often our best salesmen. They
are a testament to the quality of our products and services.

Our speed of response to reported problems is possibly the best available
amongst broadcast automation system suppliers; the response time to serious
problems affecting station output or operational workflow is typically within a few
hours to supply corrective measures and/or suggested workarounds. The typical time
to deliver coding changes required for such serious problems is within one or two days.

A generous amount of time is allocated to each supported customer for routine system
modifications to cope with the inevitable changes to operational procedures and channel

Our hardware and software support services are offered at very attractive prices, reducing the cost
of ownership that is such an important consideration for today’s broadcasters.

Support for Overseas Customers

Our preferred approach for extending our top class support service to overseas customers is to work
though a local intermediary. We have an excellent example of such a collaboration in Portugal where we
work very closely with Ibertelco, a local Systems Integrator and broadcast equipment supplier. Ibertelco add
value to their sales by offering their own local support service. They provide excellent front line support to their
customers, calling on Avocet for backup support only when genuine technical problems arise. This approach
overcomes the language barrier and travel issues, whilst also ensuring that the all important close relationship
with the customer is maintained.